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Jennifer F.

Amateur Chef

Amateur Runner

Professional Dog Mother

Let's be serious, this is yet another blog by a woman narcissistic enough to think that everyone might want to get a better look at how creative and active I can be when I'm not watching re-runs of Criminal Minds.


The first and most important thing to know about me is that I'm a runner. I love to run, and train my butt off as much as I can. Living in the foothills of Colorado I've got access to some incredible local trails, and some higher altitude trails are as close as 30 minutes away. I consider myself a competitive amateur runner, and have several Top 3 finishes to my name, the most recent being a 1st place female finish at my very first 50k trail race.


In addition to running, I really love cooking. Specifically, I love preparing food that fuels my training and doesn't taste like cardboard. As you can probably tell already by some of the recipes I have posted, I’m not a professional food photographer, I don’t have any formal cooking training, and while I frequently fantasize about living off the grid, I know I’d last about 30 seconds if I actually tried it. I'm like the ultimate urban homesteader, only my version of homesteading involves getting to use a VitaMix a lot.

For a long time I had undiagnosed hypothyroidism, which wreaked havoc on my body, my mood, and my energy levels. During the multi-year process to get an accurate diagnosis I discovered that I'm allergic to dairy and gluten. Adjusting my diet helped tremendously with managing my symptoms before an accidental blood test revealed the true cause of my issues. That experience made me extremely aware of my own body and what it means to truly feel well. I recently made the switch to a full plant-based diet, which seems to have really helped me turn a corner with my racing.  I eat mostly organic and local food and try my hardest to avoid processed food. The thing is, if you work full time and make an average salary, it's really hard to create everything from scratch while maintaining a heavy training schedule. So, I focus on moderation and kind products in addition to recipes that are 100% homemade and will also stretch out over a few days.  


When I'm not running, cooking or fantasizing about running and/or cooking, I'm working, relaxing, or spending time with my two dogs--both rescues, and both batshit crazy in their own special endearing way. This blog is more a fun project for me than anything else, but I hope you enjoy it!


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